The punctuation from six of my recent essays on Medium

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Back in 2016, Adam J. Calhoun wrote a fascinating Medium post in which he showed off something quite cool: What novels look like if you strip away…

“Coronavirus”, by Yuri Samoilov

This pandemic has been a crapshow of disinformation, conspiratorial mutterings, and partisan rancor over basic facts of science.

How has Wikipedia weathered the storm?

After all, COVID-19 is a popular subject at the online encyclopedia. Wikipedia has dozens of articles mentioning COVID-19, and the main one (“COVID-19 pandemic”) was Wikipedia’s…

“Psychedelic jellyfish”, via the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Insitute

Tuesday! You’re now really into the week, folks. Crushing it!

So let’s … stop crushing it, and dork around for a while.

Pour a drink and kick back with my weekly “Linkfest” — treblecharged with awesome reading …

1) 🐟 Behold the startling “psychedelic jellyfish”

Behold the “psychedelic jellyfish”, a gorgeous denizen of the briny deep: Its…

Woodprint by Utagawa Kunisada (I), circa 1825

The week hath begun. Which means …

… it’s time to chill out and spend some time sampling the fruits of my weekly link-trawl!

Let’s begin …

1) ⛄ Snowball fights in art throughout history

Artists have been drawing snowball fights for centuries; indeed, some of the earliest extant images of snowball fights are from medieval books of…

A bowl of dry brown dog food.
Photo: Marco Verch via flickr/CC BY 2.0

In software development, there’s a phenomenon known as “eating your own dog food.”

“Dogfooding,” as it’s often called, is the act of using your own software — even as you’re building it — so you can figure out what’s good and bad about it. …

Code for Conway’s “Game of Life”, from the 1979 book “BASIC Computer Games”

I first dove headfirst into computer programming during the summer of 1981, when my father’s friend lent me his VIC-20.

He’d bought the machine figuring that, hey, computers are the wave of the future! Except as he discovered, a VIC-20 in 1981 didn’t ship with any software at all. On…

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I write three times a week about tech, science, culture — and how those collide. Writer for NYT mag/Wired; author of “Coders” and “Smarter Than You Think”

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