A Wooden Microphone, “Missile Command” As Therapy, and The Secret Life of Soil

I bring you the finest reading on the Internet in my Linkfest

Clive Thompson


You got through Tuesday.

Be proud.

And kick back with my weekly Linkfest — a collection of the finest material I could hunt down on the Intertubes.

Let’s begin …

1) 📷 The stark, hyperreal photos of Rickard Grönkvist

Rickard Grönkvist is a photographer who specializes in taking photos of everyday objects and transforming them with stark contrast and saturated colors (above). Tree trunks look like they’re made of an alien metal; parking lots at night look like an operating theater you visit while microdosing.

As Aesthetica Magazine writes …

“I have this urge to distort or glorify the mundane and unnoticeable,” says Malmö-based photographer Rickard Grönkvist, whose colour-drenched images are shown here. “Most of my photos are centred around an isolated subject: sceneries, places, living and dead objects.” Plastic bags get caught in barbed wire, basketball hoops cast silhouettes, tree trunks glow in the darkness. [snip]

… Grönkvist treads the line between real and unreal…



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