A Wooden Microphone, “Missile Command” As Therapy, and The Secret Life of Soil

I bring you the finest reading on the Internet in my Linkfest

Clive Thompson
12 min readMay 18, 2022


You got through Tuesday.

Be proud.

And kick back with my weekly Linkfest — a collection of the finest material I could hunt down on the Intertubes.

Let’s begin …

1) 📷 The stark, hyperreal photos of Rickard Grönkvist

Rickard Grönkvist is a photographer who specializes in taking photos of everyday objects and transforming them with stark contrast and saturated colors (above). Tree trunks look like they’re made of an alien metal; parking lots at night look like an operating theater you visit while microdosing.

As Aesthetica Magazine writes …

“I have this urge to distort or glorify the mundane and unnoticeable,” says Malmö-based photographer Rickard Grönkvist, whose colour-drenched images are shown here. “Most of my photos are centred around an isolated subject: sceneries, places, living and dead objects.” Plastic bags get caught in barbed wire, basketball hoops cast silhouettes, tree trunks glow in the darkness. [snip]

… Grönkvist treads the line between real and unreal, reality and hyperreality. Everyday places are elevated and abstracted, transformed into mysterious, cinematic locations.

You can see more of his fabulous photos at his Instagram feed or that Aesthetica story.

2) 🕹️ “Endless Scroll”, a Bitsy game about memory and high school

I just played “Endless Scroll”, a wonderful indie game by cecile richard. It’s about how the past haunts you — particularly the memories of your bad behavior (or indifferent behavior) towards others.

I am such a fan of Bitsy, the little game-making tool that leans heavily into constraints as a spur to creativity. Because it limits you to a small palette of colors, crunchily low-rez graphics, and a modest…



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