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I bring you the finest reading in my weekly Linkfest

Clive Thompson
8 min readMay 6, 2022


“Analogue” by Anne Butler


Week’s almost done.

Celebrate with this fantastic collection of links I made — just for you.

Let’s begin …

1) 🎨 Anne Butler recreates analogue tech in porcelain art

I seem to be on a trend of highlighting porcelain art in my Linkfests, since my one for last week also started with some cool porcelain work.

This week, behold the awesome art of Anne Butler, who recreates analogue technologies using porcelain!

As Colossal notes …

From her studio in Carryduff, Butler recreates 20th Century technologies like rotary telephones and typewriters through an array of techniques from casting and carving to assembly — watch her process in the video below. Brimming with texture and striking in dimension, the analog works explore cultural memory, associations to history and personal use, and the impressions these items have left on the world long after they’ve fallen from widespread use.

Butler shares with Colossal that each of the objects was an important part of her…



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